Two Ninas

Two Ninas

  • 1999
  • Romantic comedy
  • USA
Upset about his dating troubles, failing writer Marty Sachs (Ron Livingston) considers leaving New York City. At a party, he meets acerbic Nina Cohen (Cara Buono), who is just as bitter as Sachs. They begin seeing each other but Cohen, sensitive after past relationships, insists they take it slow. Marty also begins seeing Nina Harris (Amanda Peet), whom he finds physically attractive but less interesting. Unwilling to give up either Nina, Marty tries to conceal them from each other.


Nina Cohen
Nina Harris
Dave Trout
Carrie Boxer
Marty Sachs


Neil Turitz Director, Writer
Denise Doyle Producer
E. Greg Scheinman Producer
Joseph Saba Original Music
Anthony Gasparro Production Designer