The Phantom Strikes

The Phantom Strikes

  • 1938
  • Mystery, Thriller
  • GBR
In London, famous lawyer Maurice Meister (Wilfrid Lawson) receives a bouquet of flowers with a life-threatening note he suspects is from The Ringer, a murderer and master of disguise. Although The Ringer is rumored to be in Australia, Scotland Yard agent Inspector Bliss (John Longden) and young Detective Alan Wembury (Patrick Barr) discover that the criminal has a reason to be back in London. Complicating the investigation is Alan's engagement to Mary Lenley (Patricia Roc), Meister's secretary.


Maurice Meister
Sam Hackett
Dr. Lomond
Cora Ann
Inspector Wembury
Inspector Bliss
Mary Lenley
Colonel Walford
Sgt. Carter
Dt. Sgt. Richards


Walter Forde Director
Sidney Gilliat Screenwriter
Michael Balcon Producer
Ronald Neame Cinematographer
Gordon Dines Cinematographer
Charles Saunders Film Editor