The Magnet

  • 1951
  • Comedy
  • GBR
Young Johnny Brent (William Fox) tricks another boy at his school into giving him a powerful magnet. When the magnet gets Johnny into trouble, he decides to give it away. He meets a medical inventor (Meredith Edwards), who is holding auctions for the hospital, and decides to give the man the magnet anonymously. As Johnny continues to feel guilty for taking the boy's magnet, he runs away to Liverpool, where the magnet comes back to him in an unexpected way.


Dr. Brent
Mrs. Brent
Johnny Brent


Charles Frend Director
T.E.B. Clarke Writer
Michael Balcon Producer
Sidney Cole Associate Producer
William Alwyn Original Music
Lionel Banes Cinematographer
Bernard Gribble Film Editor
Jim Morahan Art Director
Anthony Mendleson Costume Designer
Hal Mason Production Supervisor
Norman Priggen Assistant Director
Stephen Dalby Sound Supervisor
Sydney Pearson Sound Supervisor
Ernest Irving Conductor
Jeff Seaholme Camera Operator