The Doll That Took the Town

The Doll That Took the Town

  • 1957
  • Drama
  • USA
Liliana Attenni (Virna Lisi) desperately wants to be a model but can't seem to attract any attention. She solves her problem by falsely claiming to have been assaulted and raped by three assailants. Liliana becomes an overnight media sensation and soon finds herself working as a high-end model. Though she's forgotten all about her false accusations, the police haven't. They arrest three men in connection with the crime. Soon, Liliana is forced to decide whether to speak up or stay silent.


Liliana Attenni
Anna Grimaldi
Mario Grimaldi
Signora Attenni
Il commissario
Giorgio Salustri


Francesco Maselli Director
Franco Bemporad Screenwriter
Lorenzo Pegoraro Producer
Mario Zafred Original Music
Armando Nannuzzi Cinematographer
Mario Serandrei Film Editor