Snow Day

Snow Day

  • 2000
  • Comedy
  • USA
Anything can happen on a snow day --- and for Hal and Natalie Brandston, it does. When the sun sets on this spectacular snow day will Hal be found cuddling with Claire? Will Natalie have succeeded in her quest for the coveted second snow day? Will parents everywhere pray for a heat wave?


Hal Brandston
Laura Brandston
Lane Leonard
Mr. Zellwegger
Tom Brandston
Chad Symmonz
Natalie Brandston
Claire Bonner
Chuck Wheeler
Chet Felker
Randall Brandston


Will McRobb Co-Producer, Writer
Chris Viscardi Co-Producer, Writer
Grace Gilroy Co-Producer
Albie Hecht Producer
David Kerwin Associate Producer
Julia Pistor Producer
Raymond Wagner Executive Producer
Steve Bartek Original Music
Robbie Greenberg Cinematographer
David Finfer Film Editor
Stuart Aikins Casting
Mary Gail Artz Casting
Barbara Cohen Casting
Marci Phillips Casting
Leslie McDonald Production Designer
Ken Rempel Art Direction
Chris Koch Director