San Demetrio, London

  • 1944
  • War
  • USA
The tanker San Demetrio is part of a sea convoy in the North Atlantic when it's attacked by a German battleship and heavily damaged. The crew abandons ship in two lifeboats. One lifeboat is rescued, but the other, bearing 2nd Officer Hawkins (Ralph Michael), Chief Engineer Pollard (Walter Fitzgerald) and others, drifts hopelessly. The sailors spot a burning vessel and are surprised to discover their own ship miraculously afloat. They mount an audacious plan to re-board her and return to action.


Chief Engineer Charles Pollard
Greaser John Boyle
2nd. Officer Hawkins
Captain George Waite
3rd. Engineer Willey
Apprentice John Jones
Cadet Roy Housden
Boatswain W.E. Fletcher
Pumpman Davies


Charles Frend Director, Screenwriter
Robert Hamer Screenwriter
F. Tennyson Jesse Screenwriter
Michael Balcon Producer