Romeo Must Die

Romeo Must Die

  • 2000
  • Action
  • USA
Two families, bound by tradition, are locked in a brutal war. Asian and African American gangs are vying for control of Oakland's waterfront. But when the first casualty is the Asian warlord's son, the gang war becomes more dangerous than either side ever imagined.


Han Sing
Trish O'Day
Isaak O'Day
Ch'u Sing
Colin O'Day
Vincent Roth
Po Sing
Motorcycle Fighter
Head Guard, Hsing Kang Prison


Andrzej Bartkowiak Director
Mitchell Kapner Associate Producer, Writer (Story)
Eric Bernt Writer (Screenplay)
John Jarrell Writer (Screenplay)
Warren Carr Co-Producer
Dan Cracchiolo Executive Producer
Ilyse A. Reutlinger Associate Producer
Joel Silver Producer
Jim Van Wyck Producer
Stanley Clarke Original Music
Glen MacPherson Cinematographer
Derek G. Brechin Film Editor
Lynne Carrow Casting
Rose Marie McSherry Set Decoration
Sandra J. Blackie Costume Designer
Thom Brennan Supervising Foley Editor
Darren Brisker Sound Mixer
Dane A. Davis Sound Designer, Supervising Sound Editor
Michael Hibberson Cable Person
Joe Milner Sound Editor
Charles O'Shea Boom Operator
Tony Poulsen Boom Operator
Rob Young Production Sound Mixer