Nicholas Nickleby

Nicholas Nickleby

  • 1947
  • Drama
  • GBR
Nicholas Nickleby (Derek Bond) must try to support his family now that his father has died. He lands a job working at a school, but doesn't get along with Wackford Squeers (Alfred Drayton), the brutal headmaster he works under. Nicholas eventually flees from the school and reunites with his mother (Mary Merrall) and sister, Kate (Sally Ann Howes). Unfortunately, Nicholas learns that his callous uncle, Ralph (Cedric Hardwicke), has mistreated Kate and his mother, and he must defend their honor.


Nicholas Nickleby
Ralph Nickleby
Mrs. Squeers
Wackford Squeers
Alfred Mantalini
Newman Noggs
Kate Nickleby
Mrs. Nickleby
Mrs. Crummles
Miss Knag
Miss La Creevy
Ned Cheeryble/Charles Cheeryble
Mrs. Grudden


Cavalcanti Director
Michael Balcon Producer