Le Grand Blanc de Lambarene

  • 1995
  • Comedy drama
  • CMR
The life of humanitarian Albert Schweitzer (André Wilms) is given a more critical slant in this story behind his missionary hospital. Schweitzer moves with his wife, Helene (Marisa Berenson), from Alsace, France, to Gabon, Africa, where he establishes a hospital to treat the natives. However, while Schweitzer's medical exploits are noble, he is unreceptive to the culture and heritage of the Africans -- a conflict manifested in his icy relationship with one of his doctors, Koumba (Alex Descas).


Serge Lascar Writer
Bassek Ba Kobhio Director, Writer
Pierre-Marie Dong Executive Producer
Francoise Lehérissey Executive Producer
Hugues Nonn Producer
Alain Curvelier Sound
Eric Bonnard Sound
Francois Azria First Assistant Director
Dorothee Nonn Costume Designer
Michel Klochendler Film Editor
Vincenzo Marano Cinematographer
Patrick Abrial Original Music