• 2007
  • Drama, Thriller
  • USA
Brad (Sam Rockwell) and Abby (Vera Farmiga) Cairn have a seemingly picture-perfect life. Brad is a successful stockbroker, their son, Joshua, is a child prodigy, and Abby has just given birth to a baby girl. Ominous cracks soon begin to appear on the surface of this pretty picture. Pets mysteriously die, the baby will not stop crying, and Joshua develops an interest in mummification. The incidents may be coincidental, or Joshua's intelligence masks an extremely evil heart.


Brad Cairn
Abby Cairn
Hazel Cairn
Ned Davidoff
Chester Jenkins
Joshua Cairn
Stewart Slocum
Betsy Polsheck
Ms. Danforth


George Ratliff Director, Writer
David Gilbert Writer
Johnathan Dorfman Producer
Temple Fennell Executive Producer
Dan O'Meara Executive Producer
Benoît Debie Cinematographer
Jacob Craycroft Film Editor
Nico Muhly Original Music
Rochelle Berliner Production Design
Katya Debear Art Direction
Amanda Carroll Set Decoration
Astrid Brucker Costume Designer
Patricia Dicerto Casting