In Search of the Castaways

In Search of the Castaways

  • 1962
  • Adventure
  • USA
Young Mary Grant (Hayley Mills) and her brother (Keith Hamshere) travel to Scotland with their friend Professor Paganel (Maurice Chevalier) to attempt to convince Lord Glenarvan (Wilfrid Hyde White) to help locate Mary's missing father, Captain Grant (Jack Gwillim). As Grant was working for him, Glenarvan agrees, and the group sails to South America and then Australia in search of him. They eventually meet the treacherous Thomas Ayerton (George Sanders), who may know the captain's location.


Jacques Paganel
Mary Grant
Thomas Ayerton
Lord Glenarvan
John Glenarvan
Indian Chief
Robert Grant
Bill Gaye
Captain Grant
Guard at Dockyard Gate
Maori Chief
Senior Yacht Guard
Crooked Sailor
Crooked Sailor
Irish Claimant
Ayerton's Assistant
Rich Man at Yacht party
Patagonian Prisoner
Crooked Sailor
South American Guide


Robert Stevenson Director
Walt Disney Producer