Dinner Rush

Dinner Rush

  • 2000
  • Comedy drama
  • USA
One unlucky evening, Louis Cropa (Danny Aiello), a part-time bookmaker, discovers that his restaurant has become a hotbed of conflicting characters. In addition to having to please a whiny food critic (Sandra Bernhard), Louis must fend off a hostile takeover from a pair of gangsters (Michael McGlone), to whom his sous-chef (Kirk Acevedo) is in debt. Further, Louis has an argument with his son (Edoardo Ballerini), the star chef, whose culinary creativity has brought success to the business.


Louis Cropa
Chef Udo Cropa
Nicole Chan
Jennifer Freely
Ken Roloff
Sean the Bartender
Marti Wellington
Natalie Clemente


Bob Giraldi Director
Louis DiGiaimo Producer
Patti Greaney Producer
Phil Suarez Executive Producer
Brian Kalata Writer
Rick Shaughnessy Writer