Dead of Night

Dead of Night

  • 1945
  • Horror
  • GBR
Architect Walter Craig (Mervyn Johns) goes to Pilgrim's Farm to see a potential client. When he arrives at the house, he gets the feeling that he has been there before. Once inside, he meets a group of people who seem oddly familiar. He tells them that he has dreamt about each one of them and begins to list events that occurred in the dream. Walter's revelations begin a conversation amongst the group, and each person admits to having experienced a strange, unexplainable event.


Walter Craig
Maxwell Frere
Eliot Foley
Mrs Foley
Dr. Van Straaten
Mrs. Craig
Hugh Grainger
Joyce Grainger
Hearse Driver
Sally O'Hara
Jimmy Watson
Dr. Albury
Joan Cortland
Peter Cortland
Antiques Dealer
Sylvester Kee
Harry Parker
George Parratt
Mary Lee
Hugo Fitch
Maurice Olcott


Cavalcanti Director
Basil Dearden Director
Robert Hamer Director
Charles Crichton Director
Michael Balcon Producer
John Baines Screenwriter
Angus MacPhail Screenwriter
Georges Auric Original Music
Stanley Pavey Cinematographer
Douglas Slocombe Cinematographer
Charles Hasse Film Editor
Michael Relph Art Director