A Yank at Oxford

A Yank at Oxford

  • 1938
  • Comedy
  • USA
Lee Sheridan (Robert Taylor) is a brash young American aristocrat attending Oxford University. His iconoclastic stance doesn't earn him many friends, and he is frequently hazed, but when he meets Molly Beaumont (Maureen O'Sullivan), the sister of Sheridan's main antagonist Paul Beaumont (Griffith Jones), Lee is smitten. When Paul's academic record is called into question, the opportunistic Sheridan has the chance to help him and win his young love's heart.


Lee Sheridan
Dan Sheridan
Molly Beaumont
Paul Beaumont
Elsa Craddock
Dean of Cardinal
Dean Snodgrass
Cecil Davidson Esq.
Ben Dalton
Dean Williams


Jack Conway Director
Malcolm Stuart Boylan Screenwriter
Walter Ferris Screenwriter
George Oppenheimer Screenwriter
Michael Balcon Producer
Hubert Bath Original Music
Edward Ward Original Music
Harold Rosson Cinematographer
Charles Frend Film Editor
Lawrence P. Williams Art Director
René Hubert Costume Designer