Graham Greene


Unnatural (2015) Buffalo
Winter's Tale (2014) Humpstone John
Atlantic Rim (2013) General Hadley
Chasing Shakespeare (2013) Mr. Mountain
Maïna (2013) Mishtenapeu
The Birder (2013) Manny
Standing on Sacred Ground (2013) Narrator
Running Mates (2011) Dilton Harper
The Man on the Train (2011) Sado
Valley of the Sun (2011) Turquoise Jack
Gunless (2010) N'Kwala
The Wild Girl (2010) Joseph
The Legend of Secret Pass (2010) Granpa
The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009) Harry Clearwater
Breakfast With Scot (2008) Hockey coach
All Hat (2007) Actor
Just Buried (2007) Henry Sanipass
Luna: Spirit of the Whale (2007) Actor
When I Find the Ocean (2006) Actor
A Lobster Tale (2006) Actor
Transamerica (2005) Calvin
Buffalo Dreams (2005) John Blackhorse
Spirit Bear: The Simon Jackson Story (2005) Lloyd Blackburn
Phil the Alien (2004) Wolf
A Beachcombers' Christmas (2004) Colin Reid
A Thief of Time (2004) Slick Nakai
Big Spender (2003) Jake Cotter
Coyote Waits (2003) Slick Nakai
Skins (2002) Mogie Yellow Lodge
Snow Dogs (2002) Peter Yellowbear
The New Beachcombers (2002) Actor
Punch & Judy (2002) Actor
Lost and Delirious (2001) Joe Menzies
Christmas in the Clouds (2001) Earl
Trial by Fire (2000) Walter Pearce
The Green Mile (1999) Arlen Bitterbuck
Bad Money (1999) George Baines
Misery Harbour (1999) Burly
Shadow Lake (1999) Actor
Touched (1999) Albert
Grey Owl (1999) Actor
Shattered Image (1998) Detective
Captive (1998) Actor
Stranger in Town (1998) Eddie Lester
Heart of the Sun (1998) Ol'Billy
The Hired Heart (1997) Keith
Wounded (1997) Nick Rollins
The Education of Little Tree (1997) Willow John
The Pathfinder (1996) Chingachgook
The Song of Hiawatha (1996) O Kagh
Dead Innocent (1996) Detective Mike Salvatori
Sabotage (1996) Nicholas Tollander
Die Hard With a Vengeance (1995) Joe Lambert
Maverick (1994) Joseph
North (1994) Alaskan Dad
Rugged Gold (1994) Samuel Smith
Savage Land (1994) Skyano
Camilla (1994) Hunt Weller
Benefit of the Doubt (1993) Calhoun
Medicine River (1993) Will
The Broken Chain (1993) Peace Maker
Huck and the King of Hearts (1993) Jim
Cooperstown (1993) Raymond Maracle
Spirit Rider (1993) Vern
The Last of His Tribe (1992) Ishi
Thunderheart (1992) Walter Crow Horse
Rain Without Thunder (1992) Author on History
Clearcut (1991) Arthur
Dances With Wolves (1990) Kicking Bird
Lost in the Barrens (1990) Mewasin
Running Brave (1983) Eddie Mills
Loser Takes All (1956) Writer

TV Shows

Defiance (2013) Rafe McCawley
Mister Sterling (2003) Sen. Jackson
Wolf Lake (2001) Sherman Blackstone