David Chiang


Friends Actor
Double Trouble (2012) Director
Daisy (2006) Cho
2 Young (2005) Litigation Judge
Once Upon a Time in China II (2000) Luke
The Legend of Speed (1999) Actor
The Adventurers (1995) Lam Chung/Major Bodar
What Price Survival (1994) Pai Fu-Kuo
Will of Iron (1991) Director
Angel I (1989) Actor
Tiger on Beat (1988) Police Suprintendant
Double Fattiness (1988) Director
The Wrong Couples (1987) Director
It's a Mad Mad Mad World (1987) Actor
Silent Love (1986) Director
Seven Soldiers of Kung Fu (1985) Kuan Hsiao Lou
Fast & Filthy Fists (1985) Actor
Strife for Mastery (1982) Wong Sau-ying
Till Death Do We Scare (1982) Walter Fink
Challenge of the Shaolin Disciples (1981) Actor
Strike 4 Revenge (1980) Chin Yi
Slice of Death (1979) Chi San
The Savage 5 (1979) Chen Teng
Five Masters of Death (1979) Hu Te-Ti
Blooded Treasury Fight (1979) Actor
Deadly Mantis (1978) Wei Fung
Six Directions of Boxing (1978) Capt. Ai
The Lost Kung Fu Secrets (1978) Actor
Shaolin Handlock (1978) Li Cheng-ying
Magnificent Wanderers (1977) Actor
Death Duel (1977) Mu-yung Chien-lung
Heaven and Hell (1977) Actor
The Naval Commandos (1977) Actor
The Condemned (1976) Director, Yang Lin
7 Man Army (1976) Pai Chang-hsing
The Empress Dowager (1975) Kou
The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires (1974) Hsi Ching
The Seven Brothers Meet Dracula (1974) Hsi Ching
The Savage Five (1974) Chen Teng
The Drug Addicts (1974) Director
Dynasty of Blood (1973) Chang Wen-hsiang
Kung Fu Vengeance (1973) Guan Xiao Lou
The Blood Brothers (1973) Chang Wen-hsiang
Kung Fu Killers (1972) Fang Ko
Seven Blows of the Dragon (1972) Yen Ching
Shaolin Masters (1972) Hu Te-Ti
Young People (1972) Actor
The Anonymous Heroes (1971) Actor
Duel of the Iron Fist (1971) The Rover
The New One-Armed Swordsman (1971) Lei Li
The Deadly Duo (1971) Actor
The Duel (1971) Chiang Nan
The Heroic Ones (1970) Actor
Vengeance (1970) Actor
The Wandering Swordsman (1970) Yu Hsieh Erh
The Winged Tiger (1970) Bai Yun Sheng
Have Sword Will Travel (1969) Actor
The Invincible Fist (1969) Tieh Erh-lang
Twelve Deadly Coins (1969) Guard
Golden Swallow (1968) Actor