Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd, born Ashley Ciminella, is an American actress and political activist, and part of the famous Judd family of entertainers.  Her mother, Naomi, and sister, Wynonna, are both acclaimed country music singers.  Ashley was born on April 19, 1968 in Granada Hills, California.  She moved to Kentucky after her mother divorced her father, Charles Ciminella, a marketing analyst.  
Ashley's love of acting compelled her to move to Hollywood in the early 90s, as soon as she was done with her formal education.  She landed small film and television roles, which included a recurring role on Star Trek: The Next Generation.  By the end of the 90s she had starred in a string of successful thrillers.  Most recently, Judd had a starring role in 2014's Divergent.
Judd married Scottish race car driver Dario Franchitti in 2001 and the two divorced in 2013. Ashley Judd is a political activist, and she focuses on AIDS awareness and women's rights.

TV Shows

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